Ladies: See Why fashion really matters

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Those without an interest in the subject can often be more than scathing about it. But those people are missing something. Fashion really matters. These are just some of the reasons why this issue and the industry that has definitely generated should not be underestimated or ignored:

The fashion industry uses millions

The fashion industry is one that many people around the world trust. From those who design clothes, in their rarefied world, to those who model them, in a world full of unrealistic expectations and unreasonable demands, to the millions who graft, sometimes in appalling circumstances, to make the clothes we all wear. Yes, the fashion industry definitely has its problems, but that makes it even more true that it really matters. People who say that fashion does not matter are discarding the daily concerns of many people around the world. It matters a lot and that is why we must do what we can to help reform the industry.

Fashion can change the world

Fashion can help people show who they are, show affinity with a certain group, show their political and social affiliations and make a statement about where they come from, where they are and where they are going. Throughout history, a generalized change in the way people dress has often been a big part of social change. Think of the 1960s. It could be argued that the release in dress, in fashion, leaked and caused the release of different types. Fashion can be a thing that changes the world.

Fashion is a form of creative expression

Fundamentally, fashion is about creative expression. We can use fashion to express to those around us information about who we really are. Fashion, despite all its shortcomings, is about art and creativity, which is one of the most important elements of humanity, one of the things that differentiates human beings. Who could say that does not matter?

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