Fashion Marketing: more than just style

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Are you a trendsetter? Are you at the forefront of fashion? If so, you may find that fashion marketing is a perfect fit for your career.

Fashion marketers generate interest in new styles and products, connecting the public with the world of fashion. In short, they promote fashion.

From a commercial point of view, fashion marketing specialists analyze and implement sales strategies, perform inventory control and cost analysis, and remain aware of profits and losses. In the artistic aspect, fashion marketers are creative and innovative, recognize good clothes when they see it and have the ability to sell it to the public.

Ultimately, fashion marketers are the ones who discover how to get people to buy the latest creations from fashion designers. They should move fashion items to stores while they are really in vogue. But fashion marketers can also create trends by greatly promoting certain looks at the right time.

Obviously, training in fashion marketing is key to managing the various layers of this industry. Through fashion marketing programs, you will learn how to use textiles, color and design to create visual marketing campaigns. The business courses will show you how to develop, analyze and implement effective sales strategies. You will learn how to use computers for cost analysis, inventory control and other store operations. You will also learn merchandise economics, leadership skills, manufacturing, advertising and store planning.

They also explore new opportunities in online retail, electronic retail and the development of catalogs as alternatives to traditional retail.

With the right training, you’ll be ready for an entry-level fashion marketing job with textile, clothing and pattern makers; fashion salons; large haute couture stores and specialized stores; fashion magazines; fashion consulting firms; mail order companies; or import and export signatures.

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