A fashion consultant can help you love your body

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Fashion is not just about wearing high-end designer clothes; Includes clothing that makes an individual statement about your personality, lifestyle and career goals. A can help you integrate all aspects of your life to create a personalized “appearance” that expresses your individuality.
A fashion consultant can help you make the right decisions about “what to wear” and “what not to wear”. A consultation with a fashion expert will also guide you to make the right decisions at the time of purchase. People should dress for their particular body structure that ultimately makes all the difference in their overall appearance and a fashion consultant can help you show you how to do it.

Many people mask their feelings behind bad fashion. Without knowing it, people decide what to wear each day according to their current state of mind. Has there ever been a day when you are in a hurry or stressed and do not feel like making an effort to get dressed? we will take the guesswork out of what clothes to wear. Maybe you are one of those people who only have bad luck and combine styles and colors, but insists on being fashion forward. Instead of mixing clothes in a modern way, you end up making statements that always end in a fashion disaster. Maybe you stayed out too late on a work night and you compromised your work attire the next morning by wearing jeans and a T-shirt. In a professional or personal setting, your appearance should always project a positive image no matter what emotions you are struggling with internally. Fashion is a form of self-expression and can be liberating when expressed properly.

Color has significant psychological effects and communicates a strong statement to the people around you. Commercials, advertising, interior decorators, photographers and magazine editors use color to draw attention or express a certain state of mind. Color can also be considered an important element in the selection of a great garment. Certain body types should avoid specific colors. For example, if you have 5’3, you should avoid using tops and contrasting backgrounds. Color can help your appearance by altering its shape and size. A fashion consultant will work with the structure of your body to discover which colors will flatter you and which will fight with your figure. By using compassion, sensitivity and practical advice, color can be applied to address a multitude of problems. The use of bright colors can have an alarming effect, since dark colors can be depressing. If you are giving a speech to a large group, do you know what color to use to keep your audience’s attention on your words and not on your attire? If you have a job interview, do you know what colors and styles will make you look more professional and reliable

When people used to be impulsive buyers, it was good to be an emotional buyer. Sometimes, purchases can be therapeutic. In today’s economy, it is important to be economical and smart about your spending on fashion. In a perfect world, we can go to a luxury store and shop until we fall! Economically speaking, this is clearly not a practical commercial behavior. A fashion consultant understands the importance of a personal budget and can take it to buy in his own closet. Usually, you can create new sets or you can get recommendations on things you may need to complete specific looks. The most important thing is to maximize the investment you have already made in your wardrobe and stretch it to obtain the maximum performance “for your money”.

Whether you need to establish an identity for work, social activities, vacations or a specific event, a fashion consultant is also your personal stylist. They can help you shine through all the circumstances of life. Sometimes our feelings or emotions can be easily manipulated by a little self-confidence. Whether you are having a bad day or are angry and angry about a situation, a compliment or kind words can go for good.

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